Duration 2023-2026

The Project


The “Learning Factories” project envisages to “put the companies in the front of the training process” promoting the participation of the Leather Goods SMEs, together with public/private VET providers in the development and piloting of highquality IVET and CVET creative agile short-term curricula and a new age of contents in AI & videos, able to attract, maintain and prepare employees with the needed skills to support the green and digital transition and increase competitiveness in the sector.

Learning Factories

put the companies in the front of the training process

Learning Factories


Besides transversal activities of management and dissemination, “Learning Factories” will implement activities of creating and piloting agile short-term curricula and correspondent digital-based contents, train the trainers/teacher/tutors activities, “cross fertilization” shopfloor activities with trainers/teacher/tutors and a innovative model for the cooperation in training education privileging the role of the companies as leaders of the training process.


  • 4 short-term agile curricula on digital and green skills applied to leather goods industry and a scanning tool on training needs to customize the curricula. The curricula will be around the following subjects, of course after validation by the stakeholders:

    Zero Waste Design
    Leather Goods Design for circularity

    AI suppporting design and pattern making

    3DP supporting prototyping

    Digital transformation
    of the added value manufacturing operations

  • A set of digital-based contents complemented with work-based activities
  • A manual for trainers / teacher / tutor with a common methodology to potentiate the project outcomes
  • A model for the cooperation between companies and education and training system.






Lead Partner

Vasconcelos & cª, LDª,(Belcinto)

Rua Oliveira Figueiredo, 320
Zona Industrial das Travessas
3700-202 São João da Madeira Portugal



CEC - European Footwear Confederation

Square de Meeûs 37
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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